About Atlanta Sports Fan

I was born and raised in Georgia. Growing up, the only winner I rooted for was UGA–there was that one year, 1982, when the Braves were good. But I was still eating sand and wetting the bed at that point, so I don’t remember it very well.

The 90’s brought along some good sports times, which were tempered by a horribly awkward phase for me, personally. My hope for the new millennium was flying cars and sports success. At this point, it looks like neither will come true.


3 responses to “About Atlanta Sports Fan

  1. Big Nuts

    Hey man!

    Visiting from TBL, after you knocked me aobut the use of the word preggers — lol. It’s all good. I wanted to see what your slice of the blogosphere be lookin like. Looks like some good stuff for an ATL fan.

    Your readers need more pics you *&%$#@*&$ SOB! LOL! Have a good one!

    Big Nuts holdin down the greater Philly market.

  2. Where’s the contact info? How are your fans like Big Nuts and I supposed to contact you to tell you how much we like the site?


  3. Chad G

    Don’t give up hope on the flying cars.

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