It’s Not Too Early, Is It? College Football Quick Hit

The AJC’s Tony Barnhart has posted his pre-season Top 10. He’s got UGA at #1, which I am a big fan of, obviously. Here’s my point, though. If UGA makes it through their 2008 schedule undefeated, they have to be #1, right? Right? I don’t see how they couldn’t. Sure, the USC vs. Ohio State winner could make a strong case for the top spot, but even with each other on their schedules, they don’t have as tough of a run as Georgia does.

I think it’s interesting that people (like Barnhart) are putting Matt Stafford in Tim Tebow’s league. I don’t think Stafford is in the same ballpark yet. Tebow is an other-worldly QB, and has achieved that title with arguably less talent around him. However, I do think that Stafford will get there…maybe even this year. He’s just not there yet.

Oh, the Braves won 6 in a row. I am continually amazed at how little pub they’re getting, given the injuries they’ve faced. Thinkabout it: 3 of their 5 starting pitchers have been (or still are) on the DL: Smoltz, Glavine, and Hampton. In addition, their set-up man and closer are also injured (Moylan is out for the year, and heck, Soriano could be too). It’s absolutely unbelievable that they’ve been able to do as well as they have over this last stretch of games. Kudos to the players left standing, to Bobby Cox, and to Frank Wren. I never believed the “You can never have enough pitching” edict–well, at least the extreme version of it. But the 2008 Braves are a perfect example of how wrong I am. Wow.


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