Quick Hit: The Hawks Are In The Playoffs??

Here are a few quick thoughts on the Hawks’ Game 2 debacle and a picture of the hottest dancer in the NBA, the Hawks’ own Brianna…plus a link to another good blog (if only because we tend to agree on most stuff. I don’t believe in diversity of thought):

I was wondering what type of response Bibby would receive from the Boston fans after his incendiary comments; I figured it would be similar to the reception I would get if I attended my high school reunion (I made fun of a lot of people in high school). It was. Maybe worse.

But hey, on the bright side, at least all the booing served as proof that Bibby actually showed up for this game, unlike Game 1…HEY-OH!!!


Kevin Garnett received his Defensive Player of the Year award from some random Asian man, who looked completely terrified of KG. I expected this tiny man to start yelling “GODZIRA!! GODZIRA!!” at any moment.

I like Josh Smith’s attempt at the Black Man’s Mohawk, or Yo-hawk as I call it. Yes, I came up with that all by myself…I know, I know.

Um, hey…whaddya say we just skip the rest? Really, there’s not a whole lot worth talking about. The sooner this is over, the sooner we can look forward to next season. As a Hawks fan, I have a lot of experience with doing that.

And as promised, for your fill on UGA sports and other interesting stuff, check out Blue Workhorse. Good article on David Pollack here.

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