And So It Begins…

Just a quick post today, since I have some work to do (at my real job…the one that pays me actual money). But I wanted to touch on what appears to be the beginning of something I foretold in this entry about Randy Moss. From the looks of ESPN’s Hashmarks Super Bowl blog, I was right. Randy Moss is still an asshole.

Why do people mispronounce Plaxico Burress’ name? It’s NOT Plexico, it’s Plaxico. I’ll never understand this.

I hope that Bill Simmons starts using “The Tom Brady Face” in his columns, instead of the Eli/Peyton Manning face, given that they’ve ended the Patriots’ last two seasons. Seriously–did you see Brady’s face in those shots Fox gave us after mistake after mistake? It looked like he was completely dazed.

I’m happy the Giants won, mainly because of Bill Bellichick. Why is he such a dickhead? Did someone do something to him that we’re not aware of? Is there a reason why he walked onto the field–knowing there was still a second left on the clock–to shake Coughlin’s hand? Did he purposely want to ruin the celebration? Why did he then walk off the field and into the locker room–again, before the game was technically over? My dad didn’t teach me a lot, but one thing he used to say was, “you can tell a lot about a person in how they react to a loss.”  So it’s now confirmed: Bill Bellichick is an asshole.


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2 responses to “And So It Begins…

  1. Jeff

    Think it’s been confirmed for a while that Bellichick is an asshole. This is just piling on the evidence at this point. What a smug little bastard.

    Moss is a prick, but in this case, I have to mostly agree with him. NY’s secondary isn’t that great, but the front 4 kept so much pressure on Brady that he couldn’t get the ball down the field to Moss much. Whoever calls the shots on Offense didn’t adapt to try and put NY’s front four on their heels (throw in some screens, end-arounds, etc).

    I even agree with him to an extent that the season means nothing without winning the Superbowl. No matter if you’re going for perfection or not, that’s the ultimate goal, not records and crap like that. However, I will say that I am much more impressed by 18-1 (in this day and age) with a Superbowl loss than 17-0 with a SB win. Am I in the minority on that?

  2. atlantasportsfan

    I’m not saying he’s not correct in his criticism of the game plan–it’s just not the best idea to air the dirty laundry in the Super Bowl postgame interview…but then again, that’s the type of guy he is.

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