Help Me Help You!!

Acie LawThis Tuesday night, the Atlanta Hawks are hosting a “Blogger Night.” Yours truly has been asked to participate (no doubt because of my constant Hawks fellatio, but I digress). Anyway, one feature of the night will be that I get to attend the press conference. In the event that I am able to ask the players or Coach Woodson questions, I would like to be well prepared.

So, I’m reaching out to you guys to give me some ideas. Please leave any questions you’d like to ask in the comments section.

Fire away…


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12 responses to “Help Me Help You!!

  1. The Beard

    Congrats! Ask about the PG situation with all the potential players in the rotation(AJ, Lue, Law, Speedy) for this year and next.

    Oh, and I just moved to the ATL, any recommendations for places to see, eat, etc.

  2. Jeff

    Welcome to ATL, Beard! There’s so many great places to eat around here. Maggiano’s in Buckhead has great Italian and Fogo de Chao is supposed to be excellent (but I haven’t been yet). Fogo’s lunch is $25 dinner is $50, and there’s supposedly no difference in portions ;-).

    Places to see? The GA Aquarium is pretty awesome. While you’re down that way, the World of Coke is cool too. I haven’t been since they moved to the new location, but the old place was cool. So is Stone Mountain.

    Oh… about the actual post. I don’t know anything about the Hawks. Got free tickets to see them play the Wizards a month or so ago and almost hung myself.

  3. atlantasportsfan

    Beard–welcome! There are tons of places. I’d suggest the more “hole in the wall” type places–although I’d stay the hell away from the bar that’s actually called “Hole in the Wall.” It’s terrible. Mary Mac’s on Ponce is good if you want some classic southern food (i.e. fried chicken, mac and cheese, etc.). Two Urban Licks is good, Flying Biscuit is a popular breakfast place, although it’s not really my forte. The biscuits are a little sweeter than I’m used to. Not sure what part of Atlanta you’re in, but Carpe Diem in Decatur is amazing. Ted’s Montana Grille (multiple locations throughout Atlanta) is my favorite restaurant in the entire world. Best bison meat you’ll ever have, and owned by Ted Turner (who frequents the location on Peachtree–seen him there a couple of times). I feel like I work at the welcome center. Email me at if you have any other questions.

  4. Supa

    Pretty cool.

    You could ask if “Foul-gate” (i.e. the mistaken Shaq foul call, and subsequently upheld protest), is having a lingering effect on the team’s pysche.

    Or more interestingly, where the players chill after games? Or what pair of teammates they wanted to be when they played “NBA Jam” as kids? Or other random stuff like that.

  5. Jeff

    Oh Beard – Forgot to mention there’s some really good BBQ places around town! Daddy D’z and Fat Matt’s are two of my favorites. Fat Matt’s has live blues bands just about every night of the week… Daddy D’z supposedly has bands on the weekend too, but I’ve never been around when they’re playing.

  6. Dan

    Just a heads up, there is not really a press conference after Hawks games. You just go into the locker room and get interviews which is cool because you can get more one on one time. So unless something is changed for this year (this will be the first game I’ve gone to this year.) there isn’t a press conference.

    I’ll be there representing my little radio station ( so hopefully I’ll see you there. I’m an ugly fat redheaded dude so I’m hard to miss.

  7. As an old friend of Salim Stoudamire I’d love to know what they plan on doing with him when the ankle is deemed healthy. Are they ever planning on giving him a chance, or will he just be buried until free agency?

  8. Dan

    1) Salim will be buried on the bench because he and Woody don’t get along in general and he steadfastly refuses to play defense. Give a lackluster effort on the defensive end and Woody will not play you.

    2) Marvin Williams is a 16 pt, 6 rebound per game player on a team that has 4 or 5 scoring options. Those are excellent numbers. Was it a mistake to draft Marvin over Paul or Williams? Absolutely. He’s still a good player. Josh Childress was a #6 overall pick and is a 6th man. Shelden Williams was a #5 pick and doesn’t even play. Those picks were FAR worse than picking Marvin.

  9. atlantasportsfan

    Dan–agreed on Salim. No defense whatsoever, and Woodson’s definitely a defensive-minded coach.

    I like the pick of Childress–not that it was the 6th pick, but I like him as a player (and I realize you were talking more about how high the pick was than picking Childress at all). AT LEAST he contributes something. The Shelden pick is just indefensible. He’s just not good…brings nothing to the table. There wasn’t anything better at the 5th pick? Really? I don’t get that one…

  10. Big Nuts

    (visiting from

    Yeah, if you get a one-on-one with any of the Hawks players, ask which one of the fellas is the dude Fat Joe is talkin about in his new video “Don’t Tell.” In it, he raps about hooking up with a dime who is already with an Atlanta Hawk. I need to know who it is.

  11. Dan

    Well my point just was that at least you got a very good talent in Marvin, you knew what Chill and Shelden were when you drafted them. I like Chill. He’s the perfect 6th man. He brings energy and has a scoring touch which that team needs off the bench. However, guys like Deng and Iguodala have higher ceilings than Chill.

    And yeah, it’s not like Brandon Roy’s 19 ppg and 5.7 apg would help this team, we needed a 6’6 center who disappeared every time he played a legitimate big man while he was at Duke.

  12. TC

    just a hoops fan (via real impressed with the athleticism on the Hawks. You guys are gonna be making some noise. You got all kinds of match-up nightmares…..and you got guys like Shelden Williams buried on the bench who wasn’t that bad last year. Hawks fans better days are comin’ back….Dominique, Doc, Tree should be proud!

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