My God.

When I was little, my mom tells me that I used to finish my plate at every meal because I would feel sorry for any food that was left by itself. So, one could say that I’m not the most merciless person in the world. Still, halfway through the 1st quarter of the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night, I was feeling sorry for Hawaii. Considering I’m a UGA alum and lifelong fan, that means a lot.

Leading up to the game, I was legitimately scared of Hawaii. Logic told me that they hadn’t played any teams of significance all year long, and the few mediocre teams they played, they barely beat. However, last year’s Boise State team, and West Virginia’s team the year before that told me that Hawaii had a chance to come in and shock the world.

Fox sure as hell tried to help the Warriors’ cause as much as they could. There were enough Hawaii puff pieces in the network’s pre-game show to keep Rick Reilly busy for weeks. Hell, even the national media decided to add an apostrophe to their school’s name for no apparent reason (seriously—since when has it been spelled “Hawai’i?”) to attract more attention to the school. The role of David seemed like a perfect fit for them.

Right off the bat, Hawaii started showing signs that they weren’t quite ready for prime time. After consecutive penalties before they even ran a play from scrimmage, the Rainbows suffered a quick three-and-out. That was a harbinger of things to come. It was clear that Georgia was on a different skill/talent/size level than Hawaii very quickly as well. It reminded me of when my older cousin would play football with me and my other cousins—he would invariably hurt someone without even trying just because he was so much bigger, faster and stronger.

Every Georgia unit played exceptionally well (or at least Hawaii’s ineptitude made it look that way). Their defense sacked Colt Brennan so much that it seemed that there were 8 Bulldog defenders for every 1 Rainbow linemen. The DB’s covered up Hawaii’s receivers to limit their yards-after-catch to almost nothing. Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno were able to run at will. Matthew Stafford played as if he were the one that should’ve been at the Downtown Athletic Club in NYC.

The Hawaii players seemed nice enough, and they had some interesting hair. And man, that dance was pretty crazy! (Sigh…). But they proved no match for the Georgia Bulldogs. As much as it appeared that Hawaii didn’t quite belong, I’m not sure anyone could’ve stayed on the field with Georgia on this night.


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4 responses to “My God.

  1. Micah


    Not sure how else to reach you as I don’t see an email address on here – but we are hosting a Blog Night at Philips Arena coming up.

    If you are interested in coming, email me and I will give you the details.


  2. Jeff

    Sucks that UGA had to go through that. They deserved a decent opponent and I was with you in that I had convinced myself it was going to be a competitive game. Instead, I was in bed and asleep by halftime. Probably could have done myself a favor and gone to bed earlier than that because Hawaii was completely outmatched from the start.

    Add to that the USC blowout of Illinois and I think we really go robbed of an amazing matchup in the Rose Bowl…

    You gotta figure UGA is coming into the ’08 season VERY highly ranked. BTW, I bet you enjoyed my Wolverines squeaking out that win against UF. What a game that was!

  3. atlantasportsfan

    Jeff–couldn’t agree with you more. If I wasn’t a lifelong fan, I would’ve been in bed by halftime too.

    And I hope the Rose Bowl is happy that they got their precious Big 10/Pac 10 matchup. God–that game was awful.

    I think UGA will be top 5, but they’re not the only loaded young team–USC, Florida, Oklahoma, etc.

    As far as the UF/Michigan game, I thought it was great too…I think it was overshadowed by a number of other lackluster games. The fact that there was little to no defense played didn’t help either, but it was definitely exciting. I try to root for SEC teams, but Florida and Tennessee make it impossible. So yes, I was pleased to watch Michigan come out on top. I just wonder where that was all year! I know they had injuries down the stretch, but they didn’t at the start of the season…

  4. atlantasportsfan

    Micah–send an email to atlantasportsfan1ATcomcastDOTnet.

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