A Few Things…

I’ve been traveling for work lately, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I might have liked. So, this will be a miscellaneous post on some of the things happening in the last week or so:

  • It’s funny how no one is really talking about how A-Rod might have left money on the table when he signed with the Yankees…true, it might have been the most money he could get. But uncertainty or lack of knowledge about the inner workings of a deal didn’t stop countless people from calling him a money-grubbing whore when he was supposedly shilling himself for the highest bidder. I don’t really have an opinion on him either way…just a thought.
  • Bill Bellichick is an asshole. And while we’re on the subject of coaches and assholes (uh, maybe I should rephrase that), why are most coaches–in all sports–assholes? Don’t they realize that most of the time, the media is just doing their job when they ask questions? Sure, the media can be annoying, but it’s a small price to pay when you’re making millions of dollars.
  • Mike Mercer (the best player on the team) was kicked off the UGA basketball team yesterday for undisclosed reasons. Takais Brown (the second best player on the team) was also kicked off for undisclosed reasons a few weeks ago. All of this makes me regard Dennis Felton with even more respect than I did before. Although there is something to be said for his mistake in judgment when recruiting Mercer and Brown to UGA, he had the courage to dismiss them when their conduct became unacceptable.Felton has effectively filled out and signed his own pink slip by doing this–you can’t lose the top two scorers, top rebounder (Brown), and defensive player (Mercer) from a team that was average at best to begin with and expect to succeed. Perhaps he has the backing of the administration, and is confident that they will take these moves into account when evaluating his (and his team’s) performance. Felton seems like a genuine man of conviction and morals; and for that, I’ll root like crazy for his team (more than I already do).
  • Since I’m a huge Braves fan, many of my friends have asked my opinion of the Tom Glavine signing. I’m very happy with it. To sign a proven veteran winner that will give you 200 innings and win 12-15 games for $8 million a year? How can you not be ecstatic? Pitching is at such a premium that he could have at least gotten $10 million on the open market. However, he wanted to pitch where he and his family were most comfortable and, fortunately for us Braves fans, that is Atlanta.
  • My playoff prediction for the Hawks isn’t looking so good right now. They’ve lost 6 of their first 9 games to start out the season, with their next matchup against the Spurs probably making that 7 out of their first 10. However, I do still believe that they will be ok, and that they will make the playoffs. They’ve suffered some crushing defeats against inferior teams (Seattle, Milwaukee) that shows they’ve got some way to go before they figure out how to win. When Dan Reeves was coaching the Falcons, he used to say that when you’re trying to change a losing tradition, the first thing you have to do is beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. I agree with that, and I know that the Hawks are not quite there yet. But I think they will get there, and I still think it will be this year.
  • When the 2007 NFL schedule came out, I was pretty pissed that I wouldn’t be able to watch the Falcons/Colts Thanksgiving matchup because it’s on the NFL Network. Now? That’s a good thing.
  • It was a crushing blow to see Vanderbilt’s field goal miss on Saturday. With a victory over Tennessee, Vandy would’ve vaulted UGA into the SEC Championship game. Oh well. I have to say, after watching the Kentucky Wildcats in person (more on “in person” in a minute), they look pretty good–better than I thought they would–and they have every chance of beating Tennessee. Let’s hope that happens.
  • I’ve never quite understood why sports fans think that seeing their team in person gives them a better perspective than someone watching them on TV. In my opinion (and I’d have to think most other people’s opinion) you get a better view of all of the action on TV than you do in person. But, when people are trying to bolster their opinions, you invariably see that phrase “in person” spouted out.
  • This whole “football move” thing is really annoying. Have you ever noticed this? Here’s the situation: A receiver catches the ball, and then a fumble occurs. It’s unclear whether the receiver had possession and fumbled, or if it was just an incomplete pass. As the officials review it, one of the announcers will ALWAYS say something to the effect of, “Now, it has to be determined that Jenkins made a football move while in possession of the ball.” What the fuck is a “football move?” I’d like to hear it go this way “Now, you can see that Jenkins catches the ball, and then clearly makes a football move by going to–NO! WAIT! THAT WAS A JAI ALAI MOVE!!” Sometimes I hate analysts.

To all 3 of my readers (my mom visiting my site 3 times a day equals 3 readers, right?) have a happy Thanksgiving…



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2 responses to “A Few Things…

  1. Jeff

    I think seeing a team in person gives you a kind of broad overview of the team and everything going on, whereas on TV you’re focused on what’s happening with whoever is holding the ball. I don’t think you get as good of a sense of the ebb and flow of the game on TV like you do in person. In the case of our beloved Falcons, it’s much more ebb and not so much flow, so maybe it’s better on TV. I guess I’ll find out on Thanksgiving 😦

    I think the Braves really got a deal in getting Tommy for a year at $8mil. I’d certainly rather have him as my #3 than Jo Jo Reyes and some of these other clowns that started last year if I’m ATL. Like you said… Proven winner, good clubhouse guy, mentor, going to give you a lot of innings and quality starts (I hate that term).

    I thought Vandy had that game won this weekend and flipped it off. Shame that they rolled over and blew it in the end. I’m by no means a UGA fan, but I’d much rather see the Dawgs in the SEC Championship! UT still has to win on the road at UK, so it’s not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. atlantasportsfan

    It’s funny…I was going to add in something about getting a better sense of momentum (or ebb and flow) when you’re in person. I do agree that the TV network dictates what you’re going to get to see. For instance, when UGA played Auburn, I was seated 7 rows behind the UGA bench. It was AMAZING watching how “up” for the game the players were. I was able to witness it throughout the game, which is something I wouldn’t have gotten through watching on TV.

    What I was meaning to say (and obviously didn’t do a good job of saying) was that I think you can better analyze the X’s and O’s on TV, because of key stat graphics, replays, commentator analysis, etc. But yes, you do definitely get a better sense for the emotional side of the game in person. And, perhaps, for the more astute fan, you can still get a good angle on the X’s and O’s.

    I think Jo Jo Reyes in a #5 spot in the rotation, with all of those horses in front of him (and, consequently, a lot less pressure), looks a lot better than he did last year. But that’s the beauty of having such a deep rotation–we don’t even need to count on him. Should he falter, we’ve got Chuck James, Jair Jurjens, or Jeff Bennett.

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