Friday Misc.

Headed to Athens tomorrow, bright and early. I’m a little concerned that everyone is so concerned about UGA coming out in black jerseys–it’s almost as if people consider the game an afterthought, like “Oh…that? The game? Yeah. We’re totally gonna win. But what color jersey are we going to where while winning? That’s the important question.” I don’t know. With this squad of players, who knows what is going to get them focused? You would think a HUGE game against a ranked SEC East rival with 108,000 in Knoxville would do it, but they didn’t wake up until the 2nd half. So who knows? If black jerseys help them to realize there’s a game starting at 3:30, then black jerseys it is.

A lot of my friends are asking me what I think the Braves will do this offseason. I like what they’ve done so far with the Renteria trade. When you think about it, they almost didn’t have a choice. In trading Renteria, they’re able to plug in a guy who proved himself at the big league level last year, offensively and defensively, in Yunel Escobar. They also freed up a ton of money, and got two top prospects (one that’s major league ready as a 3rd or 4th starter).

As far as center field goes, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t think they’ll sign Cameron, or another high-priced CF that’s going to want a 3+ year deal. They’ve got too many prospects that will be ready in two years to sign a guy that long. My guess is they get Coco Crisp. Do I like that? Not so much…but Schuerholz was always rumored to like him a lot, and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as far as new GM Frank Wren is concerned. But David DeJesus could be in the mix as well. My vote is for DeJesus.

And for those that are still pining for Andruw–he’s gone. He’s not coming back. Be glad. Rejoice. The man has been declining defensively for years. I know defensive statistics are generally unreliable, as far as providing a total picture of what kind of ability a guy has, but you can pick almost any stat you want and it’ll show he’s on his way down. Some said “So he had a down year hitting. He still knocked in 100!” With the OBPs of Chipper, Renteria, and Johnson batting in front of him, Chris Woodward could’ve knocked in 100.  C’mon–don’t be a dumb ass.

The Hawks take on Boston tonight, and that should be a great game. They may score 250 combined points. The Hawks still need to find an identity, and that identity looks more and more like it needs to be a fast-paced running team. In their two victories, they did just that. In their two losses, they were bogged down by the plundering offenses (and good defenses) of the opposition. With the unbelievable athleticism this team has, they can outrun any team in this league.

Oh, and the fact that they didn’t sign Josh Smith to a long-term deal before the season started is looking to be more and more of a mistake. His price goes up with every blocked shot and clutch jumper. The kid is good.



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2 responses to “Friday Misc.

  1. My buddy from the ATL is high on the Hawks this season and I think they will be legit. Of course, Woodson is an awful coach and Knight sucks worse than him so they might still be able to screw it up! I love J Smooth and Hofford is a beast down low.

    They still need solid PG or SG, not named Lue or Craig Claxton.

  2. atlantasportsfan

    Us Hawks fans (all 7 of us) are hoping Law can step in and play the point, with only intermittent help needed from Lue or Claxton. Your calling him “Craig” instead of Speedy gives me an idea. As long as he’s this routinely injured, he doesn’t deserve to be called Speedy. I’ll call him Craig. Well played, Mac G. Well played…

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