Man, I’m So Proud…(sarcasm)

This is a video from one of the high schools in my hometown of Augusta, GA.

Here’s the description of the play from the paper:

“Three Lakeside receivers lined up on the right side of the field. At the snap, one of the receivers ran off the field and stood with his teammates on the sideline. At the same time, a Lakeside player standing on the sideline 40 yards downfield entered play. Lakeside quarterback Chad Chandler threw a deep pass to the illegal receiver, but was intercepted.”

Good stuff…it’s hilarious that no one (at least no officials, or it seems, the other team) caught this at the time. Quick footnote–the team Lakeside did this against, Effingham County, is the same team that Evans High School (my alma mater) cheated against in the state playoffs in the late 80s…seems we had helmet headsets and were using them (long before they were allowed). Caused a huge controversy.

Either way–good to see my hometown is doing well…at least it’s something to take the focus off of our most “famous” former resident, James Brown, and his ever-growing list of past wives. What a man whore. What an ugly, ugly man whore.



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6 responses to “Man, I’m So Proud…(sarcasm)

  1. atlantasportsfan

    It’s quite illegal…but they’ve already announced they’re not going to fire the guy Whether they discipline him or not is another story. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of this happening before, because I figure it has. I’m guessing this guy isn’t smart enough to come up with it on his own…

  2. get a new city to root for you jackass

    ATL is ghetto fabulous because everyone in At is from the ghetto

    fuck ATL and everyone who roots for them

  3. atlantasportsfan

    As much as I’m sure you’d love to fuck me (given that I’m from the ATL and all), I’m happily married. So, I’ll pass. But thanks, though, and best of luck with your pursuit of fucking entire cities.

  4. cadams35

    Wow. Bill Belichick would be so proud.

  5. mineurosissuneurosis

    What in the name of high school football?! (I’ve always wanted to use that line.)

    Seriously though…not cool. I hope some disciplinary action is taken.

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