Post-Halloween Quick Hit

When did Halloween become an opportunity for girls to dress like whores? Seriously…not that I’m that opposed to it, but let’s show a little creativity. You have slutty nurses, slutty cops, slutty cowgirls, slutty librarians…it’s just getting ridiculous. Again, I’m not complaining, but jeez…

I went to Athens last night for Halloween. Please note that Athens is an hour away, I’m 30 years old (and married), and I had to be at work this morning at 8am (and I made it on time!).

A few quick thoughts:

The Renteria Trade: I was disappointed at what we got in return when I first heard. I had thought all along that Renteria could get us a quality major league starting pitcher (not an ace or anything–let’s be realistic–but a good 3 or 4 in the rotation). So when I heard we got a couple of prospects, I was disappointed. However, after learning more about the guys we got, they’re more than just prospects–one is a TOP prospect, and the other could fill a hole in the rotation next year. So, to accomplish that and free up some money to sign Glavine and/or a center fielder, we made out pretty well.

Bellichick’s an asshole: From everything I’ve heard, seen and read, Bill Bellichick is an asshole. I don’t know him personally, so yes, I’m being judgmental with limited information. However, there is no reason why you should still be throwing the ball–with your starters in the game, no less–when you’re up 45-0 in the 4th quarter.

It’s clear that Bellichick and the Patriots are trying to score as much as possible, regardless of the competitiveness of the other team. Some say: “If you don’t want them to run up the score, don’t let them.” It’s not quite that easy…these are the same people that talk about how utterly dominant the Patriots are, how they may not come even close to losing a game this year. Most–if not all–of their opponents are severely overmatched.

Many pundits say that Bellichick and his team are thumbing their nose at everyone that criticized them for the whole cheating bit, as if to say “You think we won Super Bowls because we cheated? Watch us beat the shit out of you now without cheating.” I have no idea if this is indeed the case, but if it is, it’s a little ridiculous/childish. It’s not as if the Redskins had anything to do with this whole cheating bit. Or the Dolphins. Or the Cowboys. If you want to do that, I could see doing it to the Jets. They’re the ones that turned you in. But show some class–when you’re up by 30+ points in the 4th quarter, put in Matt Cassell. If not, some teams are going to start teeing off on Tom Brady. Then let’s see how good you are.


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