Everybody: Just Chill. Seriously.

It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud these days. But I have found myself doing just that more than a few times over the last 2 days. The amount of knee-jerk reacting in sports is just getting ridiculous.

The Cavs got beat by a great Mavericks team (the same one that everyone called “unstoppable” last season) and Lebron James had a bad game. A really bad game. Of course, everything you see, hear and read today is predicting Armageddon for the Cavs. Skip Bayless (who is a complete fucking idiot, but I digress) said something to the effect of “Lebron is not a superstar and certainly not a clutch performer.” Really, Skip? After ONE GAME???? Against one of the top three teams in the league?

This is the same Lebron James that scored 76 points (approximately) in the 4th quarter in last year’s playoffs against the Pistons, the same Lebron James that picked up his team and carried them all the way to the NBA Finals. But he’s not a superstar. I really, truly wonder if Skip Bayless has naked pictures of ESPN executives. That’s got to be why he has a job, because the man’s a blithering idiot. There’s no other explanation.

This all brings me back to my beloved Hawks. Many folks are going to look at the Hawks’ record after the first 10 games of this season and say, “Same old Hawks.” These people don’t do their homework. This is what the Hawks’ first 10 games look like:

at Detroit
at New Jersey
at Boston
at Milwaukee
San Antonio

That’s gonna be pretty tough. They’d be very fortunate to come out of that stretch winning 5 of 10. But based on the media, and the severely retarded radio callers, if they lose their first game they should just hang it up.

So Hawks fans, rest easy. If this team can survive the opening stretch and emerge near .500 and injury-free, my playoff prediction will still be intact. Wait and see, people. Wait and see.


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