Halloween Quick Hit

Here are a couple of random thoughts today:

I love how the Falcons’ game on Sunday is in danger of being blacked out in the metro Atlanta area. What happened to Arthur Blank’s wonderful visionary leadership, that, by itself, got the Falcons all those sellouts? As I said in my blog last year, it’s easy to sell out a stadium when you have Mike Vick. Now, we’ve got Joey Harrington. It’s not so easy anymore, is it guys? WHY DOES NO ONE REALIZE THIS???

I think the Braves will be juuuuuuuust fine in 2008. Their pitching staff, which was their main (if not only) issue this year, shapes up like this:


Are you kidding? Is that not one of the (if not the) best rotations in the league? Of course, Hampton is a HUGE “if,” and Glavine isn’t even on the team yet. But luck has to swing Hampton’s way one of these years, and all signs point to Glavine being on the Braves next year. If any of them should go down, there are multiple options to slide into their roles as well.

I watched opening night of the NBA last night. Two observations: the Spurs are pretty good (of course I’m kidding–they’re amazing, and everyone knew they would be). How could any prognosticator pick anyone but the Spurs to win it all this year? The way I see it, it’ll take a catastrophic injury to Duncan, Parker or Ginobli for them to fall back to the rest of the pack. Short of that, they’ll dominate. They may only lose 15 games all year.

Another observation: the TrailBlazers are pretty damn good too. They’re soooo young, but very talented. LaMarcus Aldridge is a beast, Brandon Roy and Jarrett Jack are a great, young backcourt tandem (although they stunk last night), and Travis Outlaw and Channing Frye are emerging stars. Because the team is so young, they can run up and down the court with the best of them. As they gain more experience, they should be a very scary team. Oh, and I hear Greg Oden is pretty good, too.

Now to college football…I really hope the reports are true–that Georgia is not looking past Troy to Auburn. Now that we’ve had a few days to come down from beating Florida, let’s look at this objectively. Our victory in Jacksonville was huge mentally, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I really don’t think Florida is that good at all. Their defense is deplorable, and they have no running game to speak of.  All of this just further highlights how great Tim Tebow is. He is truly amazing. I hate his guts, but he’s truly amazing. With that being said, our victory over Florida may have catapulted us 10 spots in the polls, but I’ll take a “wait and see” approach on how much has truly changed.

The difference-maker is Knowshon Moreno. He makes our much-maligned offensive line look so much better, and makes things a lot easier for Matthew Stafford. Having that dangerous tailback in the backfield prevents defenses from keying on Stafford and disrupting his passing game. Now, he can afford to get into a rhythm of short and medium range passes, while going for the long bomb when the opportunity presents itself.

Our defense looked great, and I’m not sure if it’s because they’re starting to jell or gaining more experience, or if it’s just a matter of having an extra week to prepare schemes. But the improvement must continue against two tough Auburn and Kentucky teams in order to reach the Dome in December.



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2 responses to “Halloween Quick Hit

  1. Jeff

    Schilling mentioned that ATL was one of a dozen destinations he would be interested in. He’s still got a decent year left on him, especially in the NL. Don’t hold your breath on Hampton! Like you said, he’s got to get healthy at some point, but jeez if we expect to get anything out of him based on recent history, we’re nuts. I’d love to see Glavine back for a finale… We’ll see how that goes.

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that we haven’t sold out the dome for the SF game. That’s gonna be a real stinker, IMO. Vick might not have been the person to bring us rings, but he sure packed the dome. If King Arthur hadn’t inherited him, I wonder what folks would say about him now?

  2. atlantasportsfan

    I had heard on the radio that Schilling had a list of teams he would go to, and I figured the Braves would be one of them. It seems like his $13mill asking price is a little too much for what we’d be willing to pay, but I agree that he’d definitely be a great addition for us. Can you imagine he and Smoltz in the postseason? That’s gotta be the two best active postseason pitchers (well, Beckett joins that group now).

    That’s my point about Blank. He walked into a great situation. A team with nowhere to go but up, and a dynamic QB that the owners before him drafted. It was a win-win for him, until Vick got in trouble.

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