Why Do I Even Watch???

I’m not quite sure why I continue to subject myself to the Falcons, committing three-plus hours per week to watching them get beat. I guess that’s the definition of a “true fan.” Not sure–that’s not necessarily what I’m going for. ’98 was nice…an unexpected Super Bowl run, the Dirty Birds, etc. But then Eugene Robinson had to get super-horny, and the Broncos had to get dominant. But, I digress.

Warrick Dunn has clearly lost a step. I hate it for him, because he’s a good guy by all accounts. I saw him in Home Depot a couple of weeks ago, and after stalking him for a good 15-20 minutes (he was looking at paint and water faucets), I can say he seems pretty down to earth–he doesn’t have the best taste, however (Warrick, faux finishes are so 2006!). With all of the deficiencies in our offense, we’ve got to have our best players out there. That leaves Dunn in the cold. Everyone knows that Dunn has always relied on his speed. Now he has to rely on his power, which is tough to do when you’re 5-3, 145 lbs (ballpark).

Unfortunately, Bobby Petrino (alleged veteran-hater, according to Alge Crumpler) can’t seem to get past saying “We need to get Jerious Norwood more touches.” Coach Petrino has said this since Week 1, and that has yet to materialize. So, Norwood continues to get 10 carries, 70-80 yards per game. But hey, Warrick Dunn builds houses for the needy!!

Anyway, I just watched the latest edition of “Falcon Shitfest 2K7,” and I have a couple of observations. Leftwich looked good out there, but it’s funny: as I’ve been saying since he replaced Harrington at the end of the Tennessee game, it’s not going to matter who you put in there at QB. It’s not the quarterback’s fault. The quarterback can’t block, he can’t catch passes, and he can’t be the running back (unless your Mike Vick–but that topic has been covered ad nauseum–I’ll leave it alone).

Here’s a description of the Falcons offense under Harrington: Very efficient between the 20s and good time of possession, but can’t capitalize on turnovers and other opponents’ mistakes, can’t protect the quarterback, and can’t put it in the end zone. Here’s a description of the Falcons offense under Leftwich: Very efficient between the 20s and good time of possession, can’t capitalize on turnovers and other opponents’ mistakes, can’t protect the quarterback, and can’t put it in the end zone.

Hey, whaddya know…the Falcons recover an onside kick (a great call by Petrino) and then can’t do anything with it. Of course, it’s all the quarterback’s fault.

Random thought: It’s crazy how terribly average Reggie Bush looks without Deuce McAllister.

There’s going to be a mutiny at some point among the Falcons. The defense has got to get aggravated by how they continue to force three-and-outs and turnovers, yet the offense cannot do anything with those opportunities. At the end of the day, it’s the same old recipe for losing. The Falcons defense plays very well for an extended period of time. They force some turnovers, but the offense can’t do anything with them. Also, the offense can’t orchestrate any sustained drives, so the defense has to continue to go out there and try to stop the opposing offense. Eventually, they give up a big score and it’s game over.

Fox just put up a graphic advertising Game 1 of the World Series showing the Rockies vs. the Indians. You heard it here first people, put ALL of your money on the Indians tonight. Fox knows something we don’t!!!!

Surprise, surprise. Leftwich is injured, and Harrington is in. Two quick thoughts: Harrington comes in and looks great on his first full drive. I love how the announcers are acting so surprised that Harrington is efficient. “Joey Harrington actually looks pretty good!!” Guys, he completed 70% of his passes when he was in there. I can’t say this enough—IT WASN’T HIS FAULT!!

Dunn is in there, of course, because God forbid Petrino would put Norwood in with Harrington. It’s like he wants Harrington to fail, regardless of the outcome of the game. Not to be outdone, center Todd McClure snaps the ball to no one, the Falcons lose 16 yards on the play, and are faced with a 3rd and 29. Of course, in the paper and on sports radio, it’ll sound like “Harrington was ineffective, as usual.”

Awful Announcing: I’ll put this one on the tee for ya—Analyst Terry Donahue just said “The Falcons are like an old shoe—they just won’t go away!” I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m fucking speechless.

Geez…I believe the jury’s still out on Petrino (which sounds obvious to most rational people, but in the “win now” era of professional sports, he’s officially on the hot seat). But, I do wonder if Petrino hasn’t quite learned to coach on the fly in the pros yet. I say this because on the first 10-15 plays (which are scripted beforehand), we look so much better and move the ball with relative ease. After that, when game situations dictate the play calls, we really start to bog down.

Of course, it’s probably all Joey Harrington’s fault.


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