The Atlanta Sports Fan

Here’s an insight into what it’s like being an Atlanta sports fan. You have a baseball team that won 14 straight divisions, and became the benchmark for what many teams modeled their franchises after. Yet, that team won only one World Series in those 14 years. You have a football team that had (emphasis on past tense) the most exciting and promising player in the NFL. But now, he’s rivaling Paris Hilton for being the most used punchline of lame Leno jokes. You have an expansion (how much longer can we use this term?) hockey team that made the playoffs for the first time last season. However, the GM stuck his thumb up his ass all offseason, and neglected to make any moves of distinction to reload a roster that lost tons of talent/experience. Finally, you have a basketball team that has been the perennial cellar-dweller for the last 10 years, and is finally showing maybe the slightest hint of promise (yes, I think they’re going to make the playoffs this year–yeah, I said it. I’ll back it up soon), but they still have a roster with 23 forwards and no center.

Oh, and on top of all of that, every single discussion involving sports (or anything else for that matter) in this town somehow descends into a torrential shitstorm about race, which is scary in an internet/blog environment where anyone can say anything without fear of retribution.

So as you can see, sports provides a great diversion from our hectic Atlanta lives–you know, lives involving 2-hour, traffic-filled commutes and prison-like water restrictions imposed on us because of the miserable 6 month-long drought we’re going through. (Full disclosure: actually, this isn’t true for me. My commute is 20 minutes round-trip, and I still take incredibly long showers–and no, I don’t do that in the shower…).

Other than that, things are looking great on the local scene.

I wrote a blog for awhile last year, where I discussed everything from the boneheaded signings of Arthur Blank that are doomed to ruin the future of the franchise, including Michael Vick’s contract (yes, I wrote this before the Vick/dog stuff came out) to the majestic skankdom that is a Hooters Bikini Contest. I’ll post some of them on this new blog to provide some background. In the future, I’ll write about whatever pops in my head–most likely sports, music and TV. Hopefully it’ll help you to get through the day at your mind-numbingly boring job…you know, the one that makes you hate yourself and wonder what you’re doing with your life.


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